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Premium CBD Flower Strain Info

WholeHemp’s Premium CBD Flower is selected from only the finest high-CBD, orchard-grown whole hemp flower. Grown in Southwestern Ontario by select artisanal growers, only the finest high grade hemp flowers are hand selected from elite CBD cultivars to deliver a consistent CBD potency with the low THC levels inherent to hemp.

The flowers are hand-harvested and lovingly cured and trimmed to preserve their natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles. An Integra Boost humidity control pack is included in every package to maintain ideal humidity and deliver an exceptional smoking experience every time.

Terpene Profile

Terpene Profile for Premium CBD Flower is not known

Strain Lineage

Strain Lineage for Premium CBD Flower is not known

Common Effects

Common effects for Premium CBD Flower are not Known


Aromas for Premium CBD Flower is not known