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Strawberry Cream Strain Info

You could spend a lifetime scouring books for the words to describe Strawberry Cream and still never quite do it justice. Our growers haven't just produced a cultivar that smells of fresh morning berries, they have coaxed these terpenes into the surreal and sublime.

In some cultivars, subtle notes are up for debate—a hint of lemon zest, a touch of pine, etc. Strawberry Cream doesn't believe in subtlety. It pierces and penetrates with the overwhelming fragrance of fresh morning berries.

The strong terpene profile carries over to the taste. Whether your preference is for vaping or you're a smoking purist, the flavour doesn't tickle your taste buds so much as it sets upon them with tangy sweetness. It's a rare weed that challenges your senses so delightfully.

Terpene Profile


Strain Lineage

Purple Voodoo x Blue Lights

Common Effects

Common Effects for Strawberry Cream are not known


Aromas for Strawberry Cream are not known

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