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Pineapple Kali Mist Strain Info

Pineapple Kali Mist by Sitka Micro Collection is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It has a fruity aroma with earthy undertones. The high is cerebral, energizing, and uplifting, making it perfect for daytime use. 

The effects are long-lasting, making it ideal for those who need a boost of motivation and creativity. Overall, Pineapple Kali Mist is a great strain for those looking for a balanced high and delicious taste.

Terpene Profile

Terpene Profile for Pineapple Kali Mist is not known

Strain Lineage

Strain Lineage for Pineapple Kali Mist is not known

Common Effects

strainy Cerebral effect icon Cerebral
strainy creative icon Creative
strainy energetic icon Energetic
strainy happy icon Happy/Uplifted


Pineapple aroma icon Pineapple
sweet aroma icon Sweet
Citrus Aroma flavour icon Citrus
earth flavour aroma icon Earthy