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Tropical Rozay Strain Info

Introducing Tropical Rozay by Covey Hill, a balanced hybrid commonly found in Flower format. This strain offers a delightful blend of fruity, citrus, candy, and gas aromas and flavors. With its lineage undisclosed, Tropical Rozay boasts terpenes such as Limonene and Humulene. Experience the effects of anxiety relief, behind eye sensations, body high, and euphoria. Discover the wonders of Tropical Rozay for a unique and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Terpene Profile


Strain Lineage

Strain Lineage for Tropical Rozay is not known

Common Effects

strainy anxious icon Anxious
Behind Eye effect icon Behind Eye
strainy body high icon Body High
strainy euphoric icon Euphoric


Fruity aroma icon Fruity
Citrus Aroma flavour icon Citrus
Candy aroma icon Candy
gas aroma icon Gas

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