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ABIDE + WholeHemp Custom Blends is a new and exciting collaboration between two leading brands in the hemp industry. This collaboration brings ABIDE's high THC offerings to WholeHemp's CBD Flower, resulting in a range of custom blended products. All the products are made using premium, sungrown milled flower, and the first product offering is 6:9, featuring ABIDE's finest OG Haze paired with WholeHemp Premium CBD full spectrum Flower. This product consistently delivers 6% THC and 9% CBD and comes in a value-priced 14g pouch.

The custom blend products from ABIDE + WholeHemp provide a unique experience beyond just CBD, offering a different journey to users. Customers can expect more custom blend offerings in the future, including the upcoming 10:4 custom blend arriving in July this summer. With a commitment to providing premium quality products, ABIDE + WholeHemp Custom Blends is a brand to watch in the hemp industry.

Other Strain Formats by ABIDE + WholeHemp Custom Blends