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The Language of Cannabis Aromas

We introduced the Strainy Wheel of Cannabis Aromas, a visual glossary of cannabis aromas organized by notes. Now it’s time to explore each slice of the wheel, uncovering what these words really mean when we are talking cannabis.

What are the Most Common Terpenes in Canadian Cannabis?

Many terpenes have been identified in Cannabis plants, but only a few are predominant

The Wheel of Cannabis Aromas

The Strainy Wheel of Cannabis aromas is a visual glossary of cannabis aromas organized by notes. It’s a useful tool to have on hand while tasting, sampling and reviewing cannabis products.

Wedding Strains, will you put a ring on it?

Canadians can’t have enough Wedding Strains, and cannabis stores all over Canada are stocked up with a long list of hybrids descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies lineage. But where do they come from?

Strainy Cannabis Tracker

The tracker that brings openness and accountability to the Canadian cannabis industry

Possession Limits for Cannabis Products

Understanding the difference between Equivalent Amounts, Equivalency Factor, and Cannabinoid Concentration.

What Are Terpenes in Cannabis?

Terpenes are responsible for the variety of scents and flavours experienced from cannabis. Terpenes also play a role in the type of high you may experience as they work together with THC.

Legalization 2.0 - Edibles & Concentrates

October 17th ushered in a new wave that many in the industry dub legalization 2.0. It consists of edibles, vapes and concentrates. But with new regulations comes new issues.

The Canadian Cannabis Industry 2019 Review

Canada’s relationship with legal cannabis is evolving the market is developing and consumer behaviours are quite interesting. These are my observations from Alberta.