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Wedding Strains, will you put a ring on it?

Canadians can’t have enough Wedding Strains, and cannabis stores all over Canada are stocked up with a long list of hybrids descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies lineage. But where do they come from?

Cookies Origins

Canadians can’t have enough Wedding Strains, and cannabis stores all over Canada are stocked up with a long list of potent Indica-dominant hybrids descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies lineage. They all share a few characteristics inherited from the famous cookie cross.

Right now, it’s nearly impossible to step into a cannabis store in Canada and avoid finding a strain carrying some version of Cookies genetics on its lineage. The strain names are also very appealing, with Wedding Cake, Gelato Cookies, Strawberry Short Cookies, Gelato, Ice Cream Cake, Double Purple Pie, and many other mouth-watering references, you may start wondering where all these cookies come from.

Most of these strains are cuts and derivatives of the award-winning Girl Scout Cookies,  (or GSC for short, or to avoid copyright infringements, just “cookies”),  an Indica-dominant hybrid supposed to feature two legendary genetics, OG Kush and Durban Poison. In reality, no other strain in modern cannabis history has caused as much controversy and hype as the Cookies. The most shared story is that it’s a cross of several strains, probably including the genetics of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Grand Daddy Purple. Another commonly held belief is that it’s a cross of Cherry Pie Kush, which contains Grand Daddy Purple, OG, and Durban Poison. According to Jigga, the original GSC creator, those are all stories put out to keep other growers from reproducing his crosses. Until we have a more fully mapped cannabis genome, we might never know for sure. What we do know is that Girl Scout Cookies (shortened to just Cookies due to copyright issues with the Girl Scouts of America) took the world by storm. 


Cookies Supposed Lineage

OG Kush may be the most famous strain worldwide, and it comes with an enigmatic origin overcast with rumors. Originated during the prohibition era, when growers were forced to shift indoors to avoid persecution, the indica-like structure of this plant, shorter and with dense buds, made it perfect for the new indoor setups. As it happens with many legendary strains, the OG Kush has been bred, backcrossed, passed on, and manipulated so many times by so many different growers that some claim there's no longer a  "real" specimen of OG Kush at all. Despite all the enigma surrounding this strain, OG Kush is still one of the most popular genetics of all time, with many famous phenotypes descending directly from it.

Durban Poison also has a Legendary strain status, with a less complicated backstory that can be traced back to the 14th century in South Africa, when the plant was already cultivated by indigenous groups that had established cultivation and cultural acceptance of cannabis, which they called dagga. Durban Poison is considered a pure South African Sativa landrace, named after South Africa’s second-largest city, Durban. It was brought back to North America by American breeder Ed Rosenthal, in the late 1970s, who selectively bred several plants from a bag of South African seeds. Rosenthal then passed some prime specimens on to other breeders, who fine-tuned and optimized its genetics. The Durban Poison genetic is timeless, with a classic dank smell with undertones of sweet licorice that’s passed on to its offsprings.

Wedding Cake

 Wedding Cake is the most prolific Wedding strain in the Canadian market, offered by 5 different brands. There are at least two different phenotypes going by the strain name Wedding Cake in the Canadian cannabis market, but both of them have origins in the Cookie family. These two different phenotypes are known as “Triangle Mints” and “Pink Cookies”.


Wedding Cake Lineages:

Cannabis Wedding Cake

Triangle Mints” = Triangle Kush x Animal Mints  (Animal Cookies X Sin Mint) 

Pink Cookies” = Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie (Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison)


The first one, initially known as Triangle Mints #3 and later nicknamed “Wedding Cake” by the Jungle Boys for its intense cake aroma was created by Jbeezy of Seed Junky Genetics by crossing his prized Animal Mints male to the legendary Triangle Kush cut.


The second one, Pink Cookies, was known as Wedding Cake before Seed Junky and Jungle Boys popularize the Triangle Mints cut. This version, a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and the famous Cherry Pie (Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison) is also known as Birthday Cake, a cross offered by Cannarado who also collabs with Seed Junky Genetics and Jungle Boys. The origin of this cross is unknown, but somehow it makes its way to Canadian growers.


Wedding Cake Strains in Canada

Qwest Reserve: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints 

Qwest Reserve Wedding Cake

This phenotype created by Seed Junky's, known as "Triangle Mints" (formerly Octagon Kush), lands slightly more on the indica side. Qwest cannabis is cultivated by Decibel Cannabis Company Inc., at an indoor facility based out in Creston Valley, BC. Average THC of 26.31%.


Weed Me: Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie 

Cannabis Wedding Cake Weed Me

Also known as “Pink Cookies”, this phenotype from Weed Me exhales tangy, sweet, and earthy notes with a peppery undernote, taking dimension from its OG and Durban Poison lineage. The original breeder for Pink Cookies is unknown. Weed Me cannabis is cultivated indoor in Pickering, ON. Average THC of 19.37%.


Wink: Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie 

Cannabis Wedding Cake Wink

Like Weed Me, Wink phenotype of Wedding Cake also descend from the “Pink Cookies” lineage. Packaged by 48North, WInk’s Wedding Cake is cultivated by Freedom Cannabis at an indoor facility in Acheson, AB.   Average THC of 24.16%.


Bllrdr: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints  (Presumed)

Cannabis Wedding Cake BLLRDR

Wedding Cake from BLLRDR is grown from a phenotype that made its way to eastern Canada from California, most likely from the "Triangle Mints" lineage (the name Wedding Cake was originally given to the hybrid by the Jungle Boys,  a Californian collective).  BLLRDR Cannabis is cultivated indoors by MJardin in Brampton, ON. Average THC of 23.86%.

Sugarbud: Unknown cross

Cannabis Wedding Cake Sugarbud

Wedding Cake #11 is a Sugarbud exclusive cultivar phenotyped and grown from seed from their genetic library, with unknown origins. This phenotype is presented as an Indica leaning lineage. Sugarbud cannabis is cultivated hydroponically in small, vertical indoor grow rooms in  Stavely, AB. Average THC of 21.52%.


Cannabis Wedding Cake