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Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis Feelings and Effects with Strainy

Discover the effects of cannabis with Strainy - unlocking the secrets of cannabis strains with colour-coded categories to pinpoint the perfect strain for you.

Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis Strains with Strainy

Twentieth-century attitudes toward cannabis are shifting to the point where it has become increasingly accepted worldwide. As the newfound acceptance brings more complicated questions to the forefront, one chief among them being "What strain will best suit my needs?" Knowing the potential effects of different strains is a major part of finding the right fit for your lifestyle. With Strainy, it's simple to discover the myriad of effects and feelings associated with various cannabis types. 

Strainy's revolutionary system breaks down the effects of cannabis into five categories: negative side effects (red), positive mental states (green), physical effects (purple), indica-like effects (blue) and sativa-like effects (yellow). Utilizing this colour-coded manner makes it easy to pinpoint the best strain choice for each individual desire and avoid those that will not suit your purposes. 


Strains Feelings and Effects Colour Chart

Concerning negative side-effects, the red attribute represents things like feeling anxious or paranoid, which can transpire with those low in THC tolerance, or nausea/headache due to over-use or dehydration - common symptoms of cannabis. Countering the red spectrum, green holds information on optimistic mental states, such as feeling uplifted, creative, euphoric and/or contentedly social. 

The purple section outlines other physical effects, such as dizziness, dry mouth (the infamous cotton mouth), the munchies, and that heavy feeling behind the eyes.

Most people would be familiar with what an indica or a sativa are, although they are more of a marketing association than a scientific fact, considering most strains are hybrids. Regardless, understanding the reciprocal feelings and effects of these opposite spectrums helps in finding the correct strain for you. The blue section stands for those effects linked with indica strains: full body high, melancholic, couch-lock (sleepy/sedative) and becoming ineffectual to concentrate. On the other hand, yellow stands in contrast - it denotes sativa-like effects, producing an energetic feeling, and focus and occasionally boasting aphrodisiac properties. Powered by Strainy, tracking down the proper strain for you is simple and straightforward. Whether you need an energized, focused micro-dose or a sedative and mellow high, this revolutionary app has the answer. Grasping the effects of cannabis strains and their component pieces is imperative to a successful cannabis experience, and Strainy grants users the means to locate the ideal strain for themselves.

Now that you know what to look for, check out Strain Page where you can search strains by type, terpenes, and effects.

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