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Strainy Cannabis Tracker

The tracker that brings openness and accountability to the Canadian cannabis industry

Are The Potency Ranges Reliable?

You see them on government websites and even at a few retailers across the country - are the ranges reliable? To an extent, yes. Is it what the end consumer wants? Absolutely not.

Potency can change depending on the batch and the cannabis plant can be finicky at times - but the end consumers want to know exactly what they are paying for and let's face it - mass adoption/basic understanding of terpenes and other cannabinoids is quite a few years away.

Working in the industry I've come across some ridiculous ranges in my time, these ranges can varying widely, for example 13%-24% THC. With such a variation why even bother? 

Our Cannabis Strain Tracker

That's why I set out to track as many strains as possible. Viewing any strains we tracked will provide you with information such as terpene profile, THC & CBD potency and the average potency for the given the strain across various packaging sizes.

If you view the Brands & Producer section you can view the area of operation, the list of strains carried by that brand as well as the average potency that the brand is turning out.

Our main Cannabis Tracker page outlines the category potency as well as the current top 15 most potent psychoactive strains as well as the highest level of CBD (all based on 3.5g packaging).

At the time of this writing, our Cannabis tracker has surpassed it's 600th strain. A milestone in of itself but also an indication as to how fast the cannabis industry in Canada is developing. There will be more for us to track and a lot of exciting developments are in the works - stay tuned.