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Identify Cannabis Aromas and Flavours with Strainy

Get to Know the Nuances of Different Cannabis Strains Flavours and Aromas

Identify Cannabis Aromas and Flavours with Strainy

From the complexity of receptors and their ability to detect a variety of smells, to the common language describing things like wine and coffee, to the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that create the 'entourage effect' when smoking, all these details come together to contribute to the diverse aromas that fill the air when burning a bud. We all know that unique smell of cannabis, even if we can't pinpoint what it is - sometimes it's kush, other times skunk, and other's gas - but regardless, with a little experience, and the right means of detection, we can start to break down and really appreciate the different smells of cannabis in all their glory.

The Strainy Chart of Flavours and Aromas is a colour chart created to help users understand the nuances and aromas of cannabis strains. Designed to categorize six distinct groups, including Woody, Dessert, Fresh, Earthy, Acrid and Floral, each group is further broken down into two categories to help give even more information about cannabis aroma and flavour. Those include Spice and Wood for the Woody group, Buttery and Sugary for the Dessert group, Citrus and Fruity for the Fresh group, Forest and Herbal for the Earthy group, Skunk and Diesel for the Acrid group, and Perfumed and Fragrant for the Floral group. The Strainy Chart of Flavours and Aromas will help users discover the wide range of perfumes and flavours of Canadian cannabis, allowing them to easily identify and understand the nuances from strain to strain.

Strainy Flavours and Aromas Colour Chart

The 6 Core Aromas


Unlocking the Potential of Woody Strains

The Strainy Chart of Cannabis Flavours and Aromas contains two distinct groups for Woody strains, Spice and Wood. Spice strains have a hot and fragrant aroma with Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, and Ginger accents. Wood strains typically have smoky, toasty, and earthy smells that include Hazelnut, Coffee, and Cocoa. These divisions offer more variegated flavour and scent prospects for a broad array of consumers. Regardless of the kind of woody spectrum they are after, Strainy has it covered. 

Delightful Dessert Varieties 

The Dessert section of the Strainy Chart shelters both Buttery and Sugary strains. With aromas like Honey, Vanilla, Maple, and Candy, Sugary strains promise a delightful and peculiar taste. Buttery strains have a smooth chocolatey and creamy aroma. Bringing these two categories together produces a wide selection of prospects for cannabis aficionados in search of a sweet, sugared, and creamy flavour. 

Discovering the Freshest Aromas 

The Fresh group in the Strainy Chart of Cannabis Flavours and Aromas has both Citrus and Fruity aroma varieties. Citrus strains have an intense, sharp, tart smell with Lime, Lemon, Orange, Apricot, Apple, and Kiwi notes. Fruity strains have a more tropical feel, featuring scents of Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Grape. Embedding both Citrus and Fruity strains together gives users a great insight into what the freshest strains smell and taste like. 

Exploring the Unique Aromas of Earthy Strains

Earthy strains are arranged into two distinct categories in the Strainy Chart, Forest and Herbal. Forest strains have an earthy smell like dirt, complemented by Moss and Mint aromas giving off a grassy smell. Herbal strains have an herbal, earthy, and floral bouquet, featuring fragrances like Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage. By blending these two normally delicate smells, Strainy can deliver an exclusive and precise representation of earthy scents. 

Uncovering the Pungent Aromas

The Acrid category of the Strainy Chart authorizes users to identify two particular strains of aromas, Skunk and Diesel. Skunk strains have a strong, pungent odour of Garlic, Durian, and Decay. Diesel strains have a diesel or more cheesy scent that's one of a kind and potent. By cautiously isolating these acrid odours, Strainy can display two of the most powerful aromas in one area.

Aromatic Floral Scents on the Strainy Chart 

The Floral strains in the Strainy Chart all come in either one of two categories, Perfumed or Fragrant. Perfumed strains grant sweet and aromatic aromas with notes of Roses and Lavender. Fragrant strains supply a medley of deeper floral notes, evoking the scents of Violet and Jasmine. Representing both the sweet and the deep in one group, Strainy makes it easier and more enjoyable for users to pick out these fragrances.